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Coping with COVID: April 28

Illinois sets a new one-day record for COVID-19 deaths. Anyone who needs an antidote for such somber news should check out Lily LaPlante’s Rainbow Exercise Project. Two H-F students will appear as panelists on Commissioner Donna Miller’s virtual town hall meeting this afternoon. Izaak Walton still has native plants to help with gardening therapy, and Maple Tree Inn has started offering toilet paper and paper towels to take-out customers who are having trouble finding those items in the stores.

Two H-F High students in youth town hall. Sixth District Cook County Commissioner Donna Miller will host a virtual town hall at 4 p.m. Wednesday featuring discussions with 
five teens, including two Homewood-Flossmoor High School students, Maya Harrell and Javon Thomas. To watch, visit Miller’s Facebook page

Lily LaPlante, left, and her brother, Elliot, exercise after spotting a rainbow during a walk recently. (Provided photo)

Lily’s rainbow exercise project. There might be no more charming way to get much-needed exercise and fend off the pandemic blues than by participating in Lillian LaPlante’s Rainbow Exercise Project. Lily is 4. According to her mother, Jeannette LaPlante, Lily “heard about how people were singing from their houses, going on ‘Dinosaur walks,’ sharing art from a distance, etc. and wanted to start something here. Her love of rainbows and finding new things on walks has driven her idea behind this project.” The LaPlantes put out the word on social media and started a Facebook group for the project.  Lily asked that people create their own rainbow art and display it in their windows. The project is not just about rainbow art appreciation, however. It’s about rainbow art appreciation and fitness. In her introductory video explaining the project, Lily said, “Since we can still go on walks, if you see somebody else’s rainbow art, do your own exercise.” The project was kicked off late in March, but Jeannette said Lily and her brother, Elliot, 2, still like to go on rainbow hunts. They compete to see who can find a rainbow first. “Whoever finds the rainbow gets to pick the exercises,” Jeannette said.

Maple Tree Inn General Store. On Saturday, the Maple Tree Inn, 18849 Dixie Highway, opened its take-out General Store. “While this is not a permanent solution, we feel it is vital that we provide access to basic necessities to our community and customers.,” said restaurant owners Erich and Katie Wennberg in a Facebook post announcing the new service. Customers who order take-out dinners will now be able to add toilet paper and paper towels to their order. Call 708-388-3461 to place orders.

A new record for deaths. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, 144 people lost their lives to COVID-19 since Monday. That’s a new record for deaths in a single day and follows four days of declines. The number of new cases also exceeded 2,000 again after dipping below that mark on Monday. 

Izaak Walton native plant sale. If you’re looking for a little gardening therapy, there are still plants available in the Izaak Walton native plant sale, even though pre-orders were due March 1. The list of plants is here, but to check availability, email Judy Johnson at [email protected] or text her at 312-307-1808.

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