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Vida Tacos features artistic passion for food

Vida Tacos opened Nov. 2 at 18102 Martin Ave. in Homewood, and owner Alfredo Castro said his approach is captured by the restaurant’s logo.
  Alfredo Castro and Rosaelia
  Samanieso pose by Vida
  Tacos’ logo. The new r
  estaurant opened Nov. 2
  in downtown Homewood.

  (Eric Crump/H-F Chronicle)

“Vida” not only means “life” in Spanish, it’s the nickname of his stepdaughter, which shows a commitment to family.

The central image suggests a likeness of artist Frida Kahlo. Her famous image draws immediate associations with Mexico, Castro said, but her famously strong character is also something he aspires to emulate.
“I put my heart in what I do,” he said. “I work for my community, for my customers.”
The restaurant’s motto, “Fresh & Delicious,” is a call and response between chef and diner, he said. 
He believes when he provides the freshest food, handmade with care, his customers will respond with enthusiasm.
“I want to make those words happen,” he said. 
The restaurant’s food has earned good reviews on local social media pages so far. The few glitches in operations are things Castro said he is working hard to address. 
One problem he’s working on is the tendency to sell out of popular menu items. That’s partially a consequence of his obsession with freshness. He doesn’t want to waste food, but he doesn’t want to serve leftovers, either. 
It’s one of the challenges he believes he can meet very soon.
The entrees, like the logo, have meaning built in. 
For example, one of the specialties is the Frida, a taco filled with chicken, red cabbage and avocado. The red and green colors correspond with the colors of the flowers of Frida’s hair in the logo.
The menu also includes a Serena, or mermaid, a creature of both land and sea. The entree includes bacon, to represent land animals, and shrimp, to represent the sea. 
Vida Tacos is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. 

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