GSU-CPA Second City AS Sept6-Oct6 2018

Cook County’s Animal and Rabies Control reminds pet owners to be vigilant during coyote mating and whelping season.

  Coyote (stock photo)

Coyotes are very protective of their pups and also require extra calories during this time. Your pet could be a threat – or a meal, according to county officials.

Residents are urged to follow these tips to keep their pets safe:

  • Walk dogs on a short leash and always be aware of your surroundings.
  • If letting a dog out in the yard, especially a small dog, supervise the animal at all times. Coyotes can easily climb a fence and snatch your pet in seconds. 
  • Switch up your routine. Coyotes are smart and can learn your schedule. If you always let Fido out or take him for a walk at a certain time, coyotes will learn that and be ready at that time. 
  • Do not leave food outdoors for your pet. That can be a welcome invitation for coyotes.
  • If you see a coyote, make loud noises, jump around and bang on garbage cans or whatever else is around. They should fear humans – it’ll keep pets and their owners safe.
Coyotes usually give birth around mid-April and their pups don’t leave the den until late May. During this time, coyotes will display more territorial behavior and be very protective of denning areas.

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