McDermott FS July 2018

The Homewood village board approved emergency funding for improvements to failures in stormwater infrastructure improvements at its Feb. 12 meeting. 
Workers recently found two critical failures in the stormwater system, which public works officials said in village documents could result in “severe flooding” if not repaired. 
A 36-inch storm sewer at Dolphin Lake Drive and Tarpon Court is collapsing, the documents say. That sewer collects water from Dolphin Lake Drive west to Kedzie Avenue and from 183rd Street north to Hickory Road and dumps that water into Dolphin Lake, where it’s stored and released slowly. 
The village got three quotes for the work, with Sunset Sewer and Water submitting a winning bid of $27,130. That bid was more than $45,000 less than the next lowest bid, so  public works officials contacted Sunset to make sure they knew the scope of the work. Sunset confirmed it understood what needed to be done.  
The village has worked with Sunset in the past, according to a memorandum from Public Works Director John Schaefer to Village Manager Jim Marino. The bid was approved. 
The second problem is with a pair of submersible stormwater pumps at the village’s stormwater station that was likely caused by a power surge during recent storms. The pumps remove stormwater from the 183rd Street viaduct and pump it into Cherry Creek. Without them, a major storm could cause flooding in the Downey Manor subdivision. 
The pumps are 30 years old and cannot be repaired.
The cost to purchase and install new pumps is $70,034.78. Flo-Technics, of Frankfort, was the lowest of two bidders.
The normal bid process was waived because it is an emergency purchase. A budget amendment was required and the funding came from several accounts, including $41,058 that was set aside from pavement marking.
Earlier in the meeting, the board reappointed Gregg Knoll and Emmet Casidy to the police pension board, Chris Cummings to the fire pension board and AJ Tiller to the stormwater resource committee. 

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