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Law enforcement investigates threat to H-F High School, concludes it was a hoax

The FBI and Homewood police investigated a possible threat against Homewood-Flossmoor High School on Sunday but concluded the incident was a hoax. School will be in session as normal on Monday.


In a letter to parents, Superintendent Von Mansfield and Principal Jerry Anderson said someone contacted the FBI after seeing a posting on social media that included the image of someone holding a gun and making reference to the school.

Law enforcement authorities spoke with two students who were suspected of being involved in the posting and with their parents, according to the letter. Officers recovered a toy gun that was used in the social media posting.

“At this point, the authorities feel that the Snapchat post was a hoax and not a credible threat,” the administrators said.

“Any threat against our school community — credible or not — is unsettling; we want to reassure students, staff and families that the authorities will be holding the students responsible to the fullest extent of the law and that the school will be seeking appropriate disciplinary action,” the letter stated. “Threats of violence – even when made as a joke – will always be taken and responded to seriously. It is important that we are all diligent in this regard in order to ensure the safety of our school and community.”

They concluded by thanking the FBI and Homewood police for responding quickly to the situation. They also thanked the person who made the report to law enforcement.

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