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Homewood gives beautification awards for outstanding appearance

The Village of Homewood and its Beautification Committee presented top honors to 10 homeowners for their outstanding efforts at gardening when officials presented the annual beautification awards on Oct. 17. 
The outstanding appearances of these 10 homes won Blue Ribbon status for their constant upkeep, beautiful floral designs and special attention to detail. Their outstanding efforts add much to their immediate neighborhoods and the village, said Mayor Richard Hofeld.
  • Blue Ribbon honorees are:
  • Gardner family at 3320 186th St.
  • Maddox family at 1138 187th St.
  • Brookbank family at 1825 Cedar Road
  • Cull family at 18744 Delta Road
  • Kleinfelder family at 18148 Dolphin Lake Drive
  • Taylor family at 18029 Loomis Ave.
  • Pelc family at 18321 Marshfield Ave.
  • Stein-Spretnjak family at 2161 Ridge Road
  • Johns family at 18456 Western Ave.
  • Falluca family at 2109 Willow Road
In addition, the committee also presented beautification awards by homeowners and businesses in recognition of their special efforts.
Homewood’s Beautification Committee members visit each neighborhood and assess properties twice before announcing the winners. Committee members are Arla Blocker, Diana Grayson, Vivian Harris-Jones, Becky Herkert, Laurie Klupchak, Mary Krause, Sean Nettle, Cate Roberts, Sue Tomlinson, Pam VanNiel, Karen Wahlers and Annie McLaughlin, who serves as the committee chairperson.
The Beautification Awards program was coordinated by Lisa Syren, administrative assistant in the village’s Department of Public Works.
Homeowners honored for their outstanding efforts were:
Shelton family at 1107 187th St.; Wagy family at 2442 Alexander St.; Comerford family at 18547 Argyle Ave.; Bucek family at 17814 Ashland Ave.; McManus family at 1114 Birch Road; Aurelio family at 1353 Burr Oak Road; Hansen family at 1531 Burr Oak Road; Brown family at 1533 Burr Oak Road.
Pecora family at 18403 California Ave.; Rodriguez family at 18553 Carpenter St.; Higgins famiy at 18847 Carson Drive; LaBreck family at 1707 Cedar Road; Coupet family at 18126 Center Road; Kluger family at 1049 Coach Road; Quirke-Zagotta family at 18529 Cowing Court.
Smith family at 18208 Dolphin Lake Drive; Stafford family at 18520 Dundee Ave.;  Wagner family at 3026 Elliot Lane; Wells family at 3030 Elliot Lane; Dee family at  18642 Golfview Ave.; McCray family at 18640 Heather Court; Galen family at 3100 Hickory Road; McDonald family at 18137 Highland Ave.; Tenclay family at 18528 Highland Ave.
Grygiel family at 17555 Hillside Ave.; Chu family at 1332 Hillview Ave.; Ott family at 18521 Homewood Ave.; Ebers family at 18534 Homewood Ave.; Anderson family at 17756 Howe Ave.; Krause family at 2503 Lawrence Lane; Pavlacka family at 1811 Maple Ave.; Katzberger family at 2115 Maple Ave.; Velten family at 2256 Maple Ave. Budrow family at 18110 Marlin Lane; Noe family at 1847 Olive Road; Maatman family at 18407 Palmer Ave.; Harris family at 18462 Palmer Ave.; Roeper family at 18128 Sacramento Ave.; Horton family at 1320 Thomas St.
Beautification awards were presented to these businesses:
Gardens of Homewood at 900 175th  St.; 905 Building at 905 175th  St.; Hunter Douglas at 915 175th  St.; Eagle Express at 925 175th  St.; 930 Building at  930 175th  St.;  Carl Buddig Co. at 950 175th  Street; Girl Scouts at 1005 175th St.;  Francis & Crnich CPA at 1205 175th  Street; Friedman Huey & Associates at 1313 175th  St.; Homewood Disposal at 1501 175th  St.; Calumet Country Club at 2150 175th  St.
Walgreens at 820 183rd St.; Culver’s at  850 183rd St.; Homewood Historical Society (Dorband-Howe House) at 2035 183rd St.; Kirschner Vision Group at 2156 183rd St.; Flosswood Condos at 2301 and 2311 183rd St.;  Flossmoor Station Condos at 2321 183rd St.;  Walt’s Food Center at 2345 183rd St.; Dunkin’ Donuts at 2353 183rd St.
Infinity Properties at 2401 183rd St.; Barbara Brown Allstate Insurance at 2405 183rd St.; Sweat Equity  at 2413 183rd St,; Dr. Ralph Kruse at 2417 183rd St.; Master Television at 2425 183rd St.; Arbor Eye Care at 2640 183rd St.; The Clubhouse (Homewood-Flossmoor Park District) at 2700 183rd St. 
McDonald’s Restaurant at 3132 183rd St.; Van Drunen Ford at 3233 183rd St.; CN at 17641 Ashland  Ave.; CN Training Center at 17750 Ashland  Ave.; Salem Lutheran Church at 18324 Ashland  Ave.; Balagio Ristorante at 17501 Dixie  Highway;  Eighner’s Florist at 17928 Dixie  Highway;  Parish of Saint Joseph at 17951 Dixie  Highway;  Grad’s Building at 18141 Dixie Highway; St. Paul Community Church at 18200 Dixie  Highway.
Fratello’s at 18201 Dixie Highway;  Tews-Ryan Funeral Home at 18230 Dixie  Highway;  First Midwest Bank at 18600 Dixie  Highway; Mission Optical at 18646 Dixie Highway; Pearson’s Bakery at 18670 Dixie  Highway; Pete’s Auto Service at 18678 Dixie Highway; Old Gold Jewelry at 18701 Dixie Highway; The Art Corner at 18703 Dixie  Highway. 

Cilantro Cocina Mexicana at 18755 Dixie  Highway; Lau William & Co., Ltd. at 18825 Dixie  Highway; Tres Chic Salon at 18831 Dixie  Highway; The Cottage on Dixie at  18849 Dixie Highway.

Elder Road Condominium Association at 903 Elder Road; Elder Road Condominiums at 916, 925, 932, 938, 955 Elder Road; Cancer Support Center at 2028 Elm Road; Woodlands Community Church at18301 Governors Highway; Starbucks at 18322 Governors Highway; Her Closet at 18334 Governors Highway; Homewood-Flossmoor Dental Care at 18340 Governors Highway; Cherry Creek Shopping Center at 18348 Governors Highway.
Dunning’s Market at 18436 Governors Highway; Portillo’s at 17500 Halsted St.; KFC at 17505 Halsted St.; Potbelly at 17575 Halsted St.; Kohl’s at 17620 Halsted St.; McDonald’s Restaurant at 17740 Halsted St.; Best Buy Plaza (Besyata Investment Group) at 17800 Halsted St.;  Home Depot at 17845 Halsted St.; Boston Market at 17855 Halsted St.; Chili’s at 17928 Halsted St.
The Room Place at 18150 Halsted St.; First Saving Bank of Hegewisch at 18200 Halsted St.; White Castle at 18250 Halsted St.; Homewood Terrace Condo Association at 18205, 18206, 18211, 18217 and 18223 Hart Drive; Suzie’s Hallmark Building at 18065 Harwood Ave.; Art 4 Soul at 18135 Harwood Ave.; Grady’s Snack N Dine at 18147 Harwood Avenue; Serenity Chiropractic at 18216 Harwood Ave. 

Marie Irwin Community Center at 18120 Highland Avenue; Bolzoni at 17635 Hoffman  Way; Comcast at 17710 Hoffman  Way; Walgreens Data Terminal at  17730 Hoffman  Way; Dedert Corporation at 17740 Hoffman  Way.

Cameo Condos at 940 Holbrook Road; Suburban Access at 900 Maple Road; Freedom Village at 935 Maple Road; Manor Care at 940 Maple Road; INX International at 1000 Maple Road; Accurate Dispersions at 1111 Maple Road; Homewood Florist at 18064 Martin Ave.; UpsaDaisy at 18100 Martin Ave.
Morris Court Condos at 18241 Morris Ave.; Ridgewood Condominium Association at 916. 926, 939, 945, 946, 955 and 956 Olive Road; James J. Kreuz, DDS, and Gregory J. Duffner, DDS, Ltd. at 18040 Park  Ave.; Ravisloe Country Club at 18231 Park  Ave. 
Law Office of Briones, Harvey, Trevino & Cruz at 1910 Ridge Road; Asian Harbor Restaurant at 1930 Ridge  Road; Eldridge Dental Group at 1944 Ridge Road; Van Sipma’s Jewelers at 2011 Ridge Road; Tin Ceiling at 2012 Ridge Road; The Village Door at 2019 Ridge Road; La Banque Hotel at 2034 Ridge Road; Bill Butcher Law Office at 2044 Ridge Road; Lou Lou Belle at 2049 Ridge Road; Twisted Q BBQ at 2053 Ridge Road.
The Oaks of Butterfield Townhome Association at 19250 Riegel Road; 1055 Building at 1055 175th  St.; Temple B’nai Yehuda-Beth Sholom at 1424 183rd St.; Lassen’s at 2131 183rd St.; Law Office of William Bryan at 17926 Dixie  Highway; Homewood Science Center at 18022 Dixie Highway; Lorenz Appliances at 18320 Dixie Highway. 
Target at 17605 Halsted St.; BMO Harris at 17600 Halsted St.; Krispy Kreme at 17815 Halsted St.; Jenny Beauty Supply at 18130 Halsted St.; Vision Works / Mattress Firm at 17723 Halsted St.; Homewood Veterans Memorial at Olive and Harwood Avenues; Lisa Grant Orthodontics at 18243 Harwood Ave.

Spornette at 18240 Harwood Ave.; Civilitea at 2025 Ridge  Road; Red Bird Café at 2057 Ridge  Road; Wellness Integrative at 18036 Gottschalk Ave.; First Presbyterian Church at 17925 Gottschalk Ave.;  Planera Architects at 18226 Morris Ave.; MABAS |  17555 Ashland  Ave.

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