Chronicle sales team Oct 2017

Flossmoor Mayor Paul Braun attended the Feb. 20 meeting of the Flossmoor Hills/Highlands Civil Association to inform the neighbors about the sales tax referendum on the March 20 ballot.

If approved, the tax would add 1 percent to the sale of all goods except groceries for home consumption and prescriptions and non-prescription medicine. Mayor
Braun’s reported that the tax is estimated to add $550,000 a year to the village’s operating budget. The sales tax rate in the village is now at 9 percent. This revenue would be used to offset reductions in revenue from other sources.

Maggie Bachus and Phillipa Leon-Thompson of the Flossmoor Community Relations Commission were also presenters at the meeting. They explained that the commission is charged with providing a conduit for all segments of the community to talk and work together for the benefit of the entire village.

FHHCA strives to bring relevant information like this to our monthly meetings along with other activities throughout the year to promote a welcoming, beautiful and connected community.

We invite residents (living west of Coyote Run Golf Course and north of Flossmoor Road) in the Flossmoor Hills/Highlands to come out and get to know us and find out what we have to offer.
Our next meeting is at the Flossmoor Public Library on March 20. Refreshments will be served at 7 p.m. with the meeting starting at 7:30 p.m. in the Helen Wilson meeting room, lower level.

For more info go to the village’s proposal, visit www.flossmoor.org or the village’s government access TV channel (4). For information on our organization, contact me at 708 799-9541.

Leonard Harris



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