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Homewood buys storm sewer cleaner

Homewood village board members approved the $165,440 purchase of a new storm sewer cleaner at their Oct. 10 meeting.
The village bought the 2017 model Vactor Ramjet truck-mounted sewer jet cleaner from Standard Equipment Company through the National Joint Powers Alliance, a joint governmental purchasing program that allows municipalities to save money on large purchases.
The current budget allowed for $34,000 to lease a storm sewer cleaner. Director of Public Works John Schaefer provided information showing there was enough funding on hand to buy the machine for the additional $131,440. 
The village owns a 2003 Pipe Hunter sewer cleaning machine that is in need of about $42,350 in repairs, Schaefer said. The new cleaner will have an increased water storage capacity. The Vactor is built in Streator, Ill.
The board also approved bill payments of $489,943.59. Mayor Richard Hofeld noted that 59 percent of that was for two items: $80,424.74 for payment to the Thorn Creek Sanitary District and $210,522.03 for village employees insurance for October.
The board approved purchasing six new Motorola APX 6000 radios for $31,175.16.  The department requested the equipment because it has  hired new staff and some of its equipment is near the end of its useful life.

The budget included $35,000 for the equipment. Competitive bidding was waived because Motorola is the only supplier for the radios.

A resolution was approved authorizing Wide Open West (WOW) to assign to Verizon a previous right-of-way agreement for installation and maintenance of fiber optic telecommunications for internet, cable and phone work.
Verizon purchased some WOW assets in August, including facilities in Homewood.

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