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  Flossmoor Public Library will celebrate its 
  63rd birthday on Dec. 5.
(Chronicle file 

There will be cupcakes and balloons. Candles and the “Happy Birthday” song are a definite possibility.

The Flossmoor Public Library will mark its 63rd birthday with a party on Tuesday, Dec. 5. The celebration is taking place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the library, 1000 Sterling Ave. in Flossmoor.
Members of the public are invited, but should probably bring their own party hats.
Library Director Aaron Carlin said there has not been a birthday or anniversary celebration “ever or in quite some time at least,” except to possibly commemorate the opening of the new library building in 2004.
“I discovered the Dec. 5 date in some historical documents that are housed here, and noticed that we’re just two years away from celebrating the milestone of 65 years,” Carlin said.
He said Tuesday’s event will be a low-key affair but is significant since it’s the first time in recent memory that the library’s birthday is being celebrated.
“Now that we’re aware that Dec. 5 has a historical significance for the Flossmoor Public Library we can begin to plan for the more momentous celebration in 2019,” Carlin said.
Library Trustee Bob Bramlette said the Flossmoor library was originally located in a storefront on Sterling Avenue. In the 1960s, a library building was constructed on School Street, across from Parker Junior High School. That structure is now a church.
When the current Flossmoor Village Hall was built in the 1970s, Bramlette said, the library moved into the old municipal building. That building formerly housed the village hall, police department and fire department. The new library was built at its current location following a 2002 referendum.

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