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Candidates circulating nominating petitions for local offices

Candidates interested in running for local offices in the April 4 consolidated election are asking registered voters for their signatures on nominating petitions.

Seats are open for municipal positions in Homewood and Flossmoor; School Districts 153 in Homewood, 161 in Flossmoor and 233 for Homewood-Flossmoor High School; the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District; the Homewood Public Library District and the Flossmoor Library.

The Cook County Clerk’s Office will accept nominating petitions from Dec. 12 through Dec. 19.

The Village of Homewood has five positions open. Mayor Richard Hofeld, Clerk Marilyn Thomas and three trustee spots held by Barbara Dawkins, Larry Burnson and Anne Colton are up for re-election. The incumbents are running for four-year terms as the Greater Homewood Party.

Flossmoor Mayor Paul Braun is running for reelection. Three trustee seats are at stake in April. They are currently held by James Crum, Diane Williams and Philip Minga. The village clerk’s position, currently held by Pamela Nixon, is also at stake.

In Homewood District 153, three four-year terms are open. Shelly Marks, Gregory Lawrence and Deb Havighorst are up for re-election.

Four board of education seats  are at stake in Flossmoor School District 161, They are currently held by Timijanel Boyd Odom, Lisa Harrell, Christine Marks and Stephen Paredes.

In Homewood-Flossmoor District 233, three four-year terms are open. The incumbents are Richard Lites, Gerald Pauling and newly appointed board member Andy Lindstrom, who filled a vacancy when David Mayer resigned. Lites and Pauling are running for re-election. Lindstrom said he will run for a full term on the board. 

The Homewood-Flossmoor Park District has two six-year terms and a two-year term open. Board President Bob Haderlein will not seek re-election. Brent Bachus, who was appointed to the board in January, and Dallas Collins, who is completing a six-year term, are up for election.

The Homewood Public Library could see the biggest board turnover next year.  It has five open seats: three six-year terms, a four-year term and a two-year term. The board’s role is to set policy. 

The library board’s three incumbents will not be seeking re-election. Currently, the board’s four-year and two-year term slots are held by persons appointed to the board. Under law, those positions must be filled through an election in April 2017.

Four Flossmoor Public Library board seats will be at stake in the election. They are currently held by Jane Harper, Nancy Disabato, Donna Moore and Natasha Bergeon. They are all four-year positions.

Prairie State College has four vacancies. Candidates can run for one of the three six-year terms, or a two-year term.

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