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Robin Watson will perform a tribute to 
Billie Holiday at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, 
Dec. 4, at Ravisloe Country Club.

Don’t read about Billie Holiday’s life if you’re feeling down. It’ll sink you.

Instead, listen to her music. It will lift you.

The iconic jazz singer, who lived a tragedy-filled life, died in 1959, but her memory and her music will be featured Thursday, Dec. 4, at Ravisloe Country Club for the second event in the TrueMuse concert series.
Chicago singer Robin Watson will present her “Holiday of the Holidays” show, a tribute to the great jazz singer.

“I don’t intend to mimic Billie, for no one can truly do that, but I do hope to relay the passion, pain and healing she imparted when she sang,” Watson said.

The Robin Watson Combo includes David Turner on piano, Rolfe Hokanson on bass and drummer George Aparo.

Although Holiday’s life was filled with dramatic woe — addictions to violent men and destructive drugs — one aspect may be less well known and rather fascinating. 
She had little self-confidence.

Behind the diva persona, the tough and demanding star was chronically unsure of herself. Listening to her music, it’s difficult to wrap your mind around that idea. How could someone with such a distinctive voice, such a poised and passionate delivery, be unsure of herself?

In a “Giants of Jazz” series biography, Holiday’s contemporary, Bobby Tucker, is quoted as saying, “She actually does not believe she can sing.”

Try reconciling with her performances. Here are a few of her classic songs, offered as a way to get in the mood for Thursday’s concert:

Fine and Mellow

God Bless the Child

Strange Fruit

All of Me

Ravisloe Country Club is located at 18231 Park Avenue in Homewood. All shows are at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 online in advance or $25 a the door. Tickets are available at the box office on the night of the performance and also online. 

Photo of Robin Watson by Yvette Meltzer.

Robin Watson
TrueMuse Concert Series

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